People would take the Olympics a lot more seriously if they didn’t include handball. They’re just throwing a ball to each other like a bunch of kids. It’s just stupid.

And if you win, how do you look, say, the marathon gold medalist in the eye?…

Handball Gold Medalist: What did you get your gold for?
Marathon Gold Medalist: I ran 42 kilometers in extreme heat.
Handball Gold Medalist: Great. I threw a ball back and forth for a bit with someone about two feet away from me. Then I had a bath.
Marathon Gold Medalist: Big twat.


(c) Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Shit? (Steve Lowe & Alan McArthur)

Same shit would be with frisbee, if it gets included into Olympics :)

BlackBerry hidden key combinations

I’ll collect all the hidden key combinations in BlackBerry in this post.
Sort of wiki-page.

Combination Where Purpose
ALT+LGLG Ribbon (screen with apps) Open BlackBerry Event Log
SHIFT+BUYR Options>Status Show data/voice usage
?123+M,M, Ribbon (screen with apps) Open BlackBerry Event Log on touchscreen devices


Дуже порадували коменти в неті до цієї новини про флеш

Повторенье – мать ученья

Вчора вдруге переступив поріг однієї будівлі.
Сьогодні знову сів слухати Операцію Пластилін.

Одна і та ж подія, але вже у зовсім іншому контексті.
Світ повторюється. Події повторюються. Люди повторюються. Змінюється лише контекст. Змінюється ставлення, ключові герої і, відповідно, змінюється сюжет події.

Біфуркації - життєві роздоріжжя
На третьому курсі довелось пройти курс з моделювання динамічних систем. І, як це звично буває, на цікавому предметі попадається викладач не з кращих, або атмосфера на парах навчанню не сприяє. Мені випала цікава тема для дослідення, а саме “Біологічна еволюція через накопичення нестійкостей та біфуркації”. Колись-таки викладу повний текст мого реферату. Основний з багатьох підтекстів, думок, до яких спонукає реферат читача, полягає в тому, що все у світі повторюється за простою схемою:

  1. початок події
  2. її стабілізація
  3. еволюція події
  4. накопичення нестійкостей –> зростання ентропії
  5. колапс існуючої системи –> біфуркації
  6. утворення нової системи
  7. goto #1

Життя повторюється. Одні вмирають – інші народжуються. Земля – велике коло. Де б не почав рух – коли-небуть знову повернешся у вихідну точку. Хочеш добра – роби добро. Воно тобі повернеться. Зміниться лише контекст.

Бо так працює світ.
Repetitio est mater studiorum.

I received my OCPJP certificate

Oracle Certified Professional, JAVA SE 6 Programmer

OCJP Certificate

I successfully passed Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer Exam (formerly SCJP) a month ago. That was my birthday present. I passed right one day before my 20-th BD.

For everyone, who is willing to pass it I’d recommend just 2 things:

  1. ExamLab for SCJP 6.0 – the best mockup tests for this exam! Free, cool and deep explanations, lot’s of tests. If you can score ~60-70% in this app, you would possibly pass OCJP with a high score (~80-90%).
  2. SCJP Sun Certified Programmer for Java 6 – the so-called K&S book (Katherine Sierra and Bert Bates). If you read all the book, you’ll definitely increse your java knowledge. The best book. 100% coverage.

Have fun!

Mainz trip [part 1]: start



Finally, I can read in a bus again. For the last several months I could do almost nothing in a bus, except listening to music. This syndrome was caused by an international summer workcamp in Mainz, Germany. It was an outstanding experience.

I always liked volunteering. The main reasons for me were the ability to meet tons of new people and do something good and useful for them. That’s why I  volunteered at Nash Fest, Zahid and twice at Up Fest. At that music festivals I  usually helped people with registration and navigating through the festival territory, acted as a live informational box. At some point, I’ve heard about international summer workcamps. That sounded promising, ‘cos I pretended volunteering in foreign country is more fun.

My friend Taras and I were carefully choosing the camp to go to. List if the camps was kindly provided by our sending organisation, Union-forum. Eventually, we’ve chosen one in Mainz, 300k+ city near Frankfurt. After all the negotiations and preparations we had all the documents and were ready to go.

The cheapest and the quickest way, to get there, is from Rzeszów to Frankfurt-Hahn using Ryanair airlines. That was my first airplane flight, so for me that was the most exciting path too.

We stepped on board. The trip began…

To be continued:
1. Volunteering
2. Choosing the camp.
3. Preparations/road to camp/Luxembourg.
5. Camping: people, food, work, free time etc.

Crappy legal java code

JavaThat was hard evening.

After reading some java books, right before I went to sleep, some java code came to my mind…

class ${public void _($ $4){}}
class $<_, $, $_> {$ _;<_> $($ _){}<$> $($ _,$ $_){_=$_;}}

And that’s not the upper bound. You can enchant it the way you want, creating crazy valid useless (or even useful?) POJOs 😀

Ecology. Екологія.



Кілька тижнів тому я повернувся з волонтерського табору. Сила-силенна вражень, море спогадів та безцінний заряд енергії. На жаль, табір, як і все хороше, пролетів з блискавичною швидкістю. Кількість позитивних флюїдів, що заполонили моє тіло, незрівнянно велика. Та у європейських подорожей є один неявний мінус. Після повернення починаєш порівнювати. У порівнянні відкриваєш для себе свій рідний, до крихти знайомий, український світ по-новому.
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wait() and notify()

Thread Synchronization

Excerpt from old “Exploring Java” book.
It clearly states, what wait(), notify(), notifyAll() are used for and what they do.

With the synchronized keyword, we can serialize the execution of complete methods and blocks of code. The wait() and notify() methods of the Object class extend this capability. Every object in Java is a subclass of Object, so every object inherits these methods. By using wait() and notify(), a thread can give up its hold on a lock at an arbitrary point, and then wait for another thread to give it back before continuing. All of the coordinated activity still happens inside of synchronized blocks, and still only one thread is executing at a given time.
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Rutorrent + rTorrent on Debian Server

ruTorrent logoOnce, I’ve installed it myself.
Yes, in the way, everyone did this: checkout, compile with xml-rpc support, install web-server, bind everything together and enable some security.
It worked great, but after some updates, it broke up. Don’t know what happened exactly, I was a bit busy at that time.

Several weeks ago, I desperately needed torrent client, but in that environment, no applications could be installed. It was a great disappointment to find out, that me own rTorrent is down on the server. So I tried to perform mentioned actions again, but with no luck.

Right at that moment, I found out about an AWESOME!!! script, which does everything you need! It just installs

  • rTorrent
  • ruTorrent
  • your favourite web-server
  • FTP
  • Webmin

It binds everything together, and it just works!

Here’s the MAGIC link to the documentation:
Everything is pretty strait-forward and troubleless.

Hint: run the downloaded script inside screen session. Script, itself, runs several minutes. It configures and compiles everything. So, please, be patient. If you have poor ssh access, it would be much better to reattach to the running screen process, after connection failure or something.

The only thing, I had to modify afterwards, was a web-server’s port, ’cause my ISP blocks port #80.
As I’ve chosen lighttpd, as my webser, I had to modify lighttpd config file
nano /usr/share/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
and set
server.port = 1234

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