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Rutorrent + rTorrent on Debian Server

ruTorrent logoOnce, I’ve installed it myself.
Yes, in the way, everyone did this: checkout, compile with xml-rpc support, install web-server, bind everything together and enable some security.
It worked great, but after some updates, it broke up. Don’t know what happened exactly, I was a bit busy at that time.

Several weeks ago, I desperately needed torrent client, but in that environment, no applications could be installed. It was a great disappointment to find out, that me own rTorrent is down on the server. So I tried to perform mentioned actions again, but with no luck.

Right at that moment, I found out about an AWESOME!!! script, which does everything you need! It just installs

  • rTorrent
  • ruTorrent
  • your favourite web-server
  • FTP
  • Webmin

It binds everything together, and it just works!

Here’s the MAGIC link to the documentation:
Everything is pretty strait-forward and troubleless.

Hint: run the downloaded script inside screen session. Script, itself, runs several minutes. It configures and compiles everything. So, please, be patient. If you have poor ssh access, it would be much better to reattach to the running screen process, after connection failure or something.

The only thing, I had to modify afterwards, was a web-server’s port, ’cause my ISP blocks port #80.
As I’ve chosen lighttpd, as my webser, I had to modify lighttpd config file
nano /usr/share/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf
and set
server.port = 1234

“Nothing to do in the university” problem?

My teacher unintentionally formatted his work flash-drive.
We tried to recover it with easyrecovery.
It was trial version.
We found full version, on torrent sites.
University is behind proxy, torrents are blocked.
Yesterday I installed rtorrent+rutorrent on my debian server.
Logged into it, downloaded that torrent file.
I can access downloaded file through ftp.
Started ftp-transaction… university proxy blocks 21 port.
Downloaded putty. Logged into web-server.
Moved downloaded file into web-server directory.
Downloaded file from browser in university.
Successfully recovered flash-drive data.

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