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quarterly linux report #0

With this post I’d like to start my quarterly Linux report, in order to maintain my crappy linux usage achievements. Nothing special, just naked facts. Every 3 months. Reccuring calendar event added.

It’s time to kickstart!

So, here are the facts:

  1. Distro: Ubuntu 11.10
  2. Kernel: 3.0.0
  3. WM: awesome wm; stopped using Gnome3 (gnome-shell), ‘cos it still crashes a lot; btw, awesome wm is blazingly fast and configurable; I consider it to be the best wm for laptops I’ve ever tried; btw2, skype in stacked mode is the best linux skype gui I’ve ever used :)
  4. Terminal: urxvt
  5. sh: zsh/oh-my-zsh
  6. Editor: still on vim; tried emacs for a while and loved org-mode, but all those Ctrl/Alt shortcuts drive me crazy, especially, when I’m on the ukrainian kbd layout; hate switching
  7. Kbd: started using CAPS-LOCK as the primary key for layout switching; that’s awesome and quick :)
  8. Dormitory Linux Box: enchaned htb queue; I love dynamic traffic shaping :)

And some rotten tomatoes at the end: What I HATE in Linux right now. If anybody knows the solution, please comment! I’ll buy you a beer/juice/chocolate:

  • all the programs use various copy-paste methods! It’s fucking hard to copy text from terminal and paste that into browser and vice-versa! How you deal with this?

I guess, that’s enough for the first time :)

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