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Дуже порадували коменти в неті до цієї новини про флеш

“Nothing to do in the university” problem?

My teacher unintentionally formatted his work flash-drive.
We tried to recover it with easyrecovery.
It was trial version.
We found full version, on torrent sites.
University is behind proxy, torrents are blocked.
Yesterday I installed rtorrent+rutorrent on my debian server.
Logged into it, downloaded that torrent file.
I can access downloaded file through ftp.
Started ftp-transaction… university proxy blocks 21 port.
Downloaded putty. Logged into web-server.
Moved downloaded file into web-server directory.
Downloaded file from browser in university.
Successfully recovered flash-drive data.

geek codes in ya head…bzzzzz…

The Geek Code:
GAT/CS/IT/ d– s+: a— C++ UL P L+ E- W+++ K++ w++ O+ M Y+ PGP+ D++ G++ e h- r

The OmniCode:

sxy cm189 kg75 skFFFFFF es= sp= haCDB081 ey7C7771 Ag1991.September.10 anE hds Lo49N-25E GM+2DN ZoV&b.Metal rlC LAEN(7)&LAPL(8)&LAUK(9)&LARU(8)&LADE(4) CrL(8) HbSex&Travel&Friends&House&Psychological_Movies PlO.Apolical.Peaceful.Nonconformist MvW&B&D.Tram Rl!.Looking Kd! PeF&O.Cockroach MBENFP FH! BA! UF* IN6.Cable AdA&I PrTurbo_Pascal&Delphi&PHP&C&C++&HTML&CSS&JavaSсript&XML

The Hacker Key:
EFIKMUi8NDCe6t4b5MOPen4a1Xs4MSr4p-2.00/-0.87 g5AGRVZ

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