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Firefox 4 Group Your Tabs

Finally, I tried Firefox 4 beta.
Currently, I’m a bit frustrated, because almost all addons doesn’t work, but that’s not the point :)

Firefox 4 introduces huge amount of great new features,
among them, possible, one of the best UI improvements is:
Group Your Tabs

More info about Group Your Tabs in this video:

It’s not that comfortable to click that button on top-right part of browser, especially on netbooks, laptops, etc…

So here is the shortcut to open it:

Firefox 4.0b10


Firefox 4.0b7


Firefox 4.0b6


New beta-version – new shortcut. When will they stop changing it?

Have a nice browsing day!

Proxy in processing

I’ve been studying processing language, and I think it’s great tool for

  • designers, who want to programmmmm
  • and programmers who want to design

More about it you can read at the official page of the project: processing.org/

If you need to work in processing with internet data && you are behind proxy, it’s a little bit trickier.

Place the following code in your setup() function, and everything gonna be alright!

void setup() {

        Properties systemSettings = System.getProperties();
        systemSettings.put("http.proxyHost", "your.proxy.org");
        systemSettings.put("http.proxyPort", "8080");

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