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Mainz trip [part 1]: start



Finally, I can read in a bus again. For the last several months I could do almost nothing in a bus, except listening to music. This syndrome was caused by an international summer workcamp in Mainz, Germany. It was an outstanding experience.

I always liked volunteering. The main reasons for me were the ability to meet tons of new people and do something good and useful for them. That’s why I  volunteered at Nash Fest, Zahid and twice at Up Fest. At that music festivals I  usually helped people with registration and navigating through the festival territory, acted as a live informational box. At some point, I’ve heard about international summer workcamps. That sounded promising, ‘cos I pretended volunteering in foreign country is more fun.

My friend Taras and I were carefully choosing the camp to go to. List if the camps was kindly provided by our sending organisation, Union-forum. Eventually, we’ve chosen one in Mainz, 300k+ city near Frankfurt. After all the negotiations and preparations we had all the documents and were ready to go.

The cheapest and the quickest way, to get there, is from Rzeszów to Frankfurt-Hahn using Ryanair airlines. That was my first airplane flight, so for me that was the most exciting path too.

We stepped on board. The trip began…

To be continued:
1. Volunteering
2. Choosing the camp.
3. Preparations/road to camp/Luxembourg.
5. Camping: people, food, work, free time etc.

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