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Рученьки терпнуть, злипаються віченьки,
Боже, чи довго тягти?
З раннього ранку до пізньої ніченьки
Код ти сумлінно пиши.

Дебаг висисає оте остогиджене,
Прокляте багом життя,
Що IDEня вередливе, зманіжене
Знищить мов збірник сміття.

Де воно знатиме, що то за доленька, –
Відшук глючного шматка,
Як за роботою трейсер покроковий
Мозок ураз підрива.

Рученьки терпнуть, злипаються віченьки,
Боже, чи довго тягти?
З раннього ранку до пізньої ніченьки
В дебагу ти день проведи.

*усім, хто провів в тенетах дебагу не один день присвячується :)
**муза прибігла раптово: зараз сиджу і вчу Теорію Інформації – завтра контрольна.
***дякую Павлу Грабовському за чудовий вірш-оригінал Швачка.

Всі на #uzhtwevent !

20 листопада 2010 року, о 15:00 в Ужгороді відбудеться третя зустріч твітерян під назвою Uzhtwevent #3.


До нашої зустрічі залишилось трохи більше, ніж два тижні. І ми б хотіли залучити до неї вас, шановні читачі!

Цього разу на всіх твітерян чекає захоплююча та цікава програма, яка включає в себе різноманітні конкурси та багато, багато неформального спілкування, під час якого ви зможете знайти собі нових друзів та цікавих знайомих.

How I fixed Thomson Lyra PDP2448

Thomson Lyra

Thomson Lyra PDP2448

Recently I thought, it would be nice to spend my traffic time more effective. Currently I spend approximately 80minutes a day riding from one city-edge to the other.
I tweeted, if smb has any 128mb pmp. Yeap, you cuold say that: “Oh… 128mb, 10 songs? dude… that’s too small…”
Yeap… 10 songs, but 1 or 2 podcasts! Podcast is perfect thing to listen to in all that grimy bus environment.

So, the friend of mine @Booodyk said, he’s got nice and old Thomson Lyra PMP2448. It’s working, but it’s unable to find any songs, even if they are on the device. He gave that pmp to me! Thank’s a lot! Nice player 😉

I’ve been googling a lot, so here is the solution (basically, that the solution to recover any old Thomson Lyra):

  1. Go to web-site. That’s the company, which bought Thomson.
  2. In the drop-down list select your stuff. I had to click:mp3 Players => mp3 Players
  3. In the list, just scroll up’n’down hovering on every item and check the picture, appearing on the right side.
  4. I found my Thomson Lyra renamed into RD1071
  5. Click your item!
  6. Download drivers on the opened page, and follow your instructions, provided with driver

Have a nice day!

Backspace key in Firefox @ Ubuntu

I really enjoy using Firefox Web browser.
I started using it it’s 2.0 release.
I love that backspace key, which brings me back to the previos page.

I was disappointed, when in my lovely Ubuntu it did not!
I tried to go back, as I usually did that, and the key didn’t work.

That was irritating for me, so, if you have the same problem, feel free to use the following fix:

  1. Type
    in address bar.
  2. Filter properties by:
  3. Double-click it and set it to

Have a nice day!

Pidkamin festival 2010

Finally, I’ve arrived back to my sweet

With the help of this post I’d like to start my summer story. I was eager to do the same previous year. I wanted to carefully explain every day of my summer’09.
I started at 01-07. And after it grown to 3 A4 typed sheets of paper in 5 days, I lost my wish.

Now I’m about to post only main events of my summer trips.

Several days ago I returned from Pidkamin Etno-Festival 2010. I was there for the third time in my life. Those, who were there in 2008 should definitely recall in memory that famous Pidkamin’s dust! Everything and everyone was in dust. From top to bottom, from toes to head. That was awesome!

So let me introduce some facts about Pidkamin Festival. These main parts make it a great festival!

  1. People. Since I was at Pidkamin for 3 times, I should say, it was always great fun to get to know with new people. People, who come to the festival were always astonishing for me. We had so much fun together: from cooking in a great bucket for 30 persons, to playing hog wars in dust! That’s really great! All of them are from different parts of Ukraine. But we are so same in smth. Maybe, that’s because we all have common idea and goal: to have fun on this weekend at Pidkamin festival.
  2. Time. That would be useless to just sit all the time in front of bonfire. Pidkamin offers several quite interesting places to have fun.
    • The first one is lake. There’s a small puddle in at the festival area. Although it’s huge enough, there’s one better place to swim. It’s forest-lake. I heard about it 2 times, but only in 2010 I finally get to it. It’s in 10 minutes from the camp. I was there at 00-00. It was great fun. The water was hot and all the lake’s surface was in fog! That was so exciting to swim in fog. You just see nothing. Only hear.
      Apart from these, you can they organize soccer and volleyball pitches.
    • In 2009, they created “Pidkamin’s puddle in memory of Pidkamin’08”. A small puddle (~2 tennis courts) full of dust! Awake your inner hog and have fun!
    • You can spend some money buying different stuff at the bazar there. Generally, all most of the stuff is from China, but there are lot’s of handmade things! You should definitely check Drymba and Medovukcha. The first one is an old Ukrainian musical instrument. The other one is an alcohol. Really nice alcohol. It’s based on honey. Try it!
    • Besides all this prerendered places, there’s huge open area to discover! Great stone, caves, ancient monastery! I can’t stop talking about them in details, cos’ that would stretch the post several times!
      Obviously, if you are in a company of great people, you’ll find the way to spend time! I choose frisbee. That’s unique sport! Like Nokia, Frisbee’s connecting people! We even tried our best to play ultimate (a game with flying disc)!
  3. Music. That’s a bit frastrating issue. As for me, the best musical program in Pidkamin was in 2008. The previous year (due to financial problems) the last day was musical disaster. These year everything was as expected. Even though bands where not as cool, as they were in 2008, the first day was nice. Unfortunately for me, I injured my knee a bit, so I couldn’t jump, run and dance. But my fellows had a great time, definitely! The second day could be much better. Everyone was expecting TIK(Ukrainian humour band) && UNIA(Belorussian band which I heard a year before. They where better a year before). But when I heard them… It was like… Hey! WTF?! Is this TIK?.. TIK seemed to be singing not live… The third day was filled with local musicians… and was not such a great fun.

To cut that long story short, I should say, that my goals where achieved && tasks where accomplished! I had great time there! Nice people, nice territory, cheerful music! Everything you need!
So, Don’t bother, just relax, forget about all the troubles, pack your backpack, and have fun!

Red Lions Frisbee Team


RedLions Frisbee Team Logo

RedLions Frisbee Team Logo

Recently started playing ultimate!
That’s definitely the best sport ever! Everyone is positive! There’s only good and funny atmosphere round!


I’ve been playing Frisbee for more that 3 months.
I’m in RedLions Frisbee Team (Lviv).

The first tournament of mine was “Banosh vid Samoghonu”. It’s organized by Kolomyian team “Samoghon”.
We’ve got second place! My first tournament and the team already scores such a great result!

Watch your webcam in console!

Wow! I really love linux! I feel that with every minute spent inside linux my love to this OS grows up! It’s so outrageous! You can do almost everything!!!

Today, I was really shocked with the abilities of the mplayer!
Here’s a short video of what I’ve done:

So, here’s a list of what I was doing with it (everything is done in tty-conole->[Ctrl]+[Alt]+[F5]):

  1. I wondered if I can watch films in console. That’s real! You just have to specify the special output driver. It’s the ASCII-Art driver:
    mplayer -vo aa nameOfYourFile.avi
    You can enjoy colour video in console, just replace aa driver with the Colour ASCII-Art driver caca!
  2. I felt it’s not enough! So, I tried to watch my web-cam in console! Obviously, mplayer is able to do it! You just need to specify the tv:// protocol, instead of filename:
    mplayer tv:// -vo caca
  3. Here’s the first problem. The output is alright, but that stats information always updates, and the video is blinking:( So, it makes impossible for you to watch your wab-cam normally. I started to investigate the mplayer’s man page:
    man mplayer
    it’s so huge! (read it if you want :) )
    I quickly found the solution! Here is it: the parameter -really-quiet:
    mplayer tv:// -vo caca -really-quiet
  4. But that was not enough! I wish I can watch the web-cam, as I look at mirror! I found the parameter -flip. But it just turns everything upside-down. The real solution for that is the video-filter Mirror! Specify it & enjoy:
    mplayer tv:// -vo caca -vf mirror -really-quiet
  5. There’s one more improvement, you can do to your output. You can make it better by specifing the font. The smaller the font – the better’s the output. I usually use Uni1-VGA8:
    setfont Uni1-VGA8

That’s all, folks! Go and watch your favourite videos in console!

8bit Second-hand rush!

Yesterday my 2 friends & I went to our local second-hand store. We wanted to have some fun &, if we could find smth special & outrageous, we could buy it…

Right at the beginning of the shop we found smth that had blown up our minds!
While surfing all the heaps with closing we saw an old Nintendo-clone: PowerJoy.

Power Joy

Power Joy Nintendo clone

I’ve never seen anything like that… My all childhood was spent with Dendy/Dendy2, which was created in Russia…and was de-facto the standard for game consoles… Almost every child had one!


Yeap… we bought it!
It’s awesome!
The only thing you need in order to play is TV.
So the pluses of this console are:

  • it works from batteries – no AC cable needed!
  • main gamepad is the gamepad itself+main computing center+pistol
  • has 9999+ prebuilt games!

As it was bought in second-hand store I had to fix it a bit. There was a problem in battery connection, but I fixed it quickly & was really astonished, when my ears heard the same, known from the earky childhood 8bit noise!!! Then a picture came up!!! That was AWESOME! I quickly found the game, called Tank90 & started fighting with evil tank forces!

It’s really interesting to remember that childish shit… In our days, when people are playing NFS & still complain that they are not satisfied with gameplay or video graphics that 8bit console remembers about the days spent in front of the TV, playing hard & trying to kill all the mushrooms and turtles with the help of Mario&&Luigi…


Кажуть, що від кожного дня потрібно брати максимум. Ці вихідні я використав на 100%!

Проїхав зі своїм другом за минулі вихідні ~1200км.
Маршрут був досить унікальним. Львів-Київ/it-jam-Луцьк-Львів. З 60-ти годин, які були відведені на ці вихідні, а саме за період з 19-00 п’ятниці і до 07-00 понеділка, 30 годин ми провели у дорозі. Звичайно, ми подорожували поїздами. Різними.

  • Львів-Київ: 13,75 грн 15 годин у дорозі. Плацкартний вагон перероблений під загальний.
  • Київ-Луцьк: 26,00 грн 9 годин у дорозі. Плацкартний вагон.
  • Луцьк-Львів: 5,80 грн 7 годин у дорозі. Загальний вагон + Budweiser + Bavaria.

Деталі описувати не хочеться, адже це займе не одну годину. Скажу тільки, що ми грали більярд (пул) у гуртожитках КПІ. Гусю привіт! Тушена картопля з зайцем була дуже класна, правда трохи переперчена 😉

Здійснилась 4-літня мрія!

Мечьта ідіота.
Папка як панельКолись вирішив прибрати на робочому столі. Про чудові Fences на той час ще ніхто не чув, і ніхто їх не бачив. Вирішив я використати одну цікаву особливістю WinXP, а саме використання папки як панелі інструментів.Взяв усі ярлики і поділив їх на 3 папки: ТирНетрі, gameZ, робота. Порозпихав їх до різних сторін екрану. Кожній панелі встановив “Автоматически убирать с экрана” і насолоджувався чистим робочим столом. Панель пропадала, як тількики я забирав мишку з краю екрану (в реєстрі в мене час затримки меню 0, а не 400мілісекунд). Можна було одночасно відкрити 2 панелі – поставити мишку у край екрану. Але 3… Це ніколи не виходило… Не знаю, що сьогодні за день, як склались планети, але це таки сталось:Відкриті 3 панелі

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