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How I fixed Thomson Lyra PDP2448

Thomson Lyra

Thomson Lyra PDP2448

Recently I thought, it would be nice to spend my traffic time more effective. Currently I spend approximately 80minutes a day riding from one city-edge to the other.
I tweeted, if smb has any 128mb pmp. Yeap, you cuold say that: “Oh… 128mb, 10 songs? dude… that’s too small…”
Yeap… 10 songs, but 1 or 2 podcasts! Podcast is perfect thing to listen to in all that grimy bus environment.

So, the friend of mine @Booodyk said, he’s got nice and old Thomson Lyra PMP2448. It’s working, but it’s unable to find any songs, even if they are on the device. He gave that pmp to me! Thank’s a lot! Nice player 😉

I’ve been googling a lot, so here is the solution (basically, that the solution to recover any old Thomson Lyra):

  1. Go to support.rcaaudiovideo.com web-site. That’s the company, which bought Thomson.
  2. In the drop-down list select your stuff. I had to click:mp3 Players => mp3 Players
  3. In the list, just scroll up’n’down hovering on every item and check the picture, appearing on the right side.
  4. I found my Thomson Lyra renamed into RD1071
  5. Click your item!
  6. Download drivers on the opened page, and follow your instructions, provided with driver

Have a nice day!

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