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8bit Second-hand rush!

Yesterday my 2 friends & I went to our local second-hand store. We wanted to have some fun &, if we could find smth special & outrageous, we could buy it…

Right at the beginning of the shop we found smth that had blown up our minds!
While surfing all the heaps with closing we saw an old Nintendo-clone: PowerJoy.

Power Joy

Power Joy Nintendo clone

I’ve never seen anything like that… My all childhood was spent with Dendy/Dendy2, which was created in Russia…and was de-facto the standard for game consoles… Almost every child had one!


Yeap… we bought it!
It’s awesome!
The only thing you need in order to play is TV.
So the pluses of this console are:

  • it works from batteries – no AC cable needed!
  • main gamepad is the gamepad itself+main computing center+pistol
  • has 9999+ prebuilt games!

As it was bought in second-hand store I had to fix it a bit. There was a problem in battery connection, but I fixed it quickly & was really astonished, when my ears heard the same, known from the earky childhood 8bit noise!!! Then a picture came up!!! That was AWESOME! I quickly found the game, called Tank90 & started fighting with evil tank forces!

It’s really interesting to remember that childish shit… In our days, when people are playing NFS & still complain that they are not satisfied with gameplay or video graphics that 8bit console remembers about the days spent in front of the TV, playing hard & trying to kill all the mushrooms and turtles with the help of Mario&&Luigi…

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