Apocalipse v0.1-prealpha. changelog

As you know, today is the first apocalypse.
I hope, it’s not the last one :)
Generally, all the info’s got from twitter, as a great news tool, & real life.
I’ll try to keep this list updated with the latest facts :)

  1. My electrical socket burst with flare in the morning. Probably caused by an electrical overload. That looked pretty osum for the first 0.2 sec. Hostel is old, and it’s electrical wires can’t handle current student’s neds.
  2. Moscow people vandalized flower bed in 5 minus
  3. Belorussian dollar situation caused one manager to hang himself in the office.
  4. My ISP, UarNet, suffered some cable problems. So for about an hour everyone was faced with “Warning! Emergency recovery measures are kept! Internet will be back soon!

…updates in progress :)

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