Understanding BlackBerry EventLog

Recently, I’ve been digging deeply into BlackBerry EventLogs.

Every row in EventLog consists of several parts.

The first element is error-level (a,d,E,..) of this log entry.

The next one is application’s name (e.g. net.rim.udp, System…)

And finally here comes the message.I was interested in this tiny letters shown at the begining of every log event:

#BlackBerry Event Log (cpt)
a net.rim.ippp - RXCd 11 - 9/23 22:31:29
a net.rim.ippp - RXCd 32 - 9/23 22:30:27
W net.rim.ippp - RXnp - 9/23 22:30:15a net.rim.ippp - RXCd 11 - 9/23 22:30:15
d net.rim.ippp - TXSt 0 - 9/23 22:30:15
a net.rim.ippp - TXca - 9/23 22:30:15

Maybe, this knowledge will be usefull for someone.

Letter API name Description
a ALWAYS_LOG Always log event, regardless of severity.
d DEBUG_INFO Debug information level event.
E ERROR Error level event.
I INFORMATION Information level event.
S SEVERE_ERROR Severe level event.
W WARNING Warning level event.

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