Ostap Andrusiv

Ostap Andrusiv

Product Manager. Analytics Leader.

Hi there! My name is Ostap Andrusiv, Director of Growth Analytics at DataRobot. DataRobot offers an end-to-end machine learning platform for data scientists of all skill levels to build and productionize machine learning models in a fraction of the time. Give it a try yourself. The first time I used it, I was able to build a high quality explainable churn prediction model in 20 minutes. Putting it in production was just a few clicks away.

Before DataRobot I spent 3 years as a Product Manager at GetSocial.im – marketing automation, analytics, and social engagement mobile SDK for developers. Customers like Ubisoft, SEGA, and multiple indie developers used our SDK to build word of mouth referral marketing mechanics, in-app communities, and tracked analytics of their mobile apps.

Before GetSocial I spent 6 years as R&D Engineer, Presales Engineer, and Software Architect at software consultancy agency ELEKS. We built time tracking solutions for top US lawyers, privacy and identity management software used in Fortune 500 companies and controlled Tesla from Google Glass and other wearables.

I used to speak at multiple conferences worldwide: Droidcon London, Mobile World Congress, Apps World, ProductTank Meetups, GDG Meetups, and others. My main areas of interest are growth, analytics, applied machine learning. I used to organize conferences too. With a team of 10 friends, we organized GDG DevFest Ukraine – the biggest Google tech conference in CEE region: 2 days, 4 streams (mobile, web, cloud, and workshops), 40+ international speakers, 1000+ attendees (90% - engineers). We’ve organized this conference for 7 years in a row and grew it from 300 to 1000+ attendees. 95% of attendees responded with “enjoyed, would like to come back!” in feedback form.

I understand, that big things are built in teams and enjoy working with people smarter than me. I enjoy quick prototyping, fast iterations, and experiments. If you know a way to speed up experiments in B2B SaaS companies with high-touch low-volume sales, please write me a message. Would be happy to chat about that!

If you have any questions, write me an email or mention @p1f on twitter.

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